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Our biggest compliment occurs when a dentist or patient from Stork Orthodontics of West Des Moines, Iowa (IA) refers another great patient like you to us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

The first step to see which braces or treatment you may potentially need is to schedule your Stork Smile Assessment, which is FREE. We say potentially because you may not even need braces.You Were Referred To Stork Orthodontics Of West Des Moines Iowa

During your initial exam we will take 3D digital x-rays, perform a comprehensive exam, and provide you a complete consultation. After educating you on your options, together we will discuss which braces, if any, makes the most sense and why.

If you are reading this page as a parent for your child’s treatment you may be wondering at what age you should bring your child in for an initial exam. The American Dental Association recommends your child have an exam as early as the age of 7. While treatment may not start that early, the earlier we see your child the more options we will have for treatment and typically less treatment time will be required.


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Dr. Stork understands the importance of a smile you can share with confidence. Additionally, he wants you to feel confident with your decision for your journey to your best smile ever. Here are a few ways to get started:

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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Choosing A West Des Moines Iowa Orthodontist
You should do your research before choosing a West Des Moines, Iowa orthodontist. Ultimately you should feel comfortable with the treatment and your orthodontist. This report will guide you in some things that you should look for when choosing your West Des Moines orthodontist.

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