What Your Rubber Band Color Says About You

What Your Rubber Band Color Says About You By Top Rated Orthodontist In West Des Moines IABraces are an important orthodontic treatment that helps you acquire the best smile possible. Your rubber bands play an important role, helping to align your teeth properly and adjust bite or jaw concerns. Braces shouldn’t be stressful, and one way we ease the stress at Stork Orthodontics in West Des Moines, IA is by letting you have a little color fun. Orthodontic elastics or ‘rubber bands’ play a crucial role for many months, so why not embrace them and express your individuality?

Your band color choice allows you to express your personality, mood, school spirit and even sports team spirit, with so many colors to choose from. Each time you come to Dr. Stork’s West Des Moines, IA orthodontics office, you can choose a color that coincides with your outfit or even the holiday. Bands are changed at each orthodontic visit, so you can have a new color or theme for your braces every time.

So What Does Your Rubber Band Color Choice Say About You?

Yellow bands: If you choose yellow bands, you’re likely a happy-go-lucky person who tends to see the bright side of everything. Vibrant and energetic, you brighten people’s day wherever you go. You may enjoy activities interacting with others, like volunteer work allowing you to light up someone’s life.

Orange bands: If orange is your color of choice, you may be an optimistic and cheerful person who loves to be around others. Confident and joyful, you love to talk and socialize. You attract people with your enthusiasm and energy, and they love your company! Orange lovers tend to have lots of friends, and enjoy activities that allow them to interact, such as group projects.

Red bands: If red is your favorite color, you may be a go-getter who is very passionate about everything you do. You are likely ambitious, energetic, inspiring and courageous. Taking charge might come naturally to you, so you likely drawn to activities that allow you to lead a group. Red also represents the heart, so you are likely a very loving individual who knows how to show others that you care.

Blue bands: You might have a calm personality with a sensitive side. Blue represents tranquility. You are likely spiritual, a soul in tune with your feelings. Caring and nurturing, you may be drawn to nature and water. You may lean more toward peaceful activities, such as reading, meditation or yoga.

Green bands: If green draws you in, you may be a compassionate and humble individual who does well in school. Green lovers tend to be level-headed, philosophical intellects. Green also represents balance and growth, so you may be drawn to activities that allow you to help the environment or animals.

Purple bands: So you’re a purple lover. Then you’re likely the imaginative, mysterious and creative type, with a flair for drama. You probably enjoy writing, poetry, art or acting, and are drawn to activities that allow you to express yourself. Intuitive, wise and kind, you are one to help others if and when you can.

At Stork Orthodontics of West Des Moines, IA, we want you to have a comfortable but fun journey with your orthodontic treatment. You can smile with confidence knowing you have a colorful accessory that not only shows off your individuality, but is helping you achieve a beautiful, straight smile.

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This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our orthodontics office in West Des Moines, IA would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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