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Squeaky Clean Cleaning Your Retainers By Top Rated Orthodontist In West Des Moines IAAfter a few hours of wearing them, your retainer has given bacteria and plaque a safe refuge to set up shop and go to work on your teeth and gums. If left uninterrupted, their work can damage enamel which can lead to cavities and gingivitis. Your West Des Moines orthodontist recommends that your retainer receive a good cleaning at least once a day.

Round One: The Solution In The Solutions: Placing your West Des Moines, IA retainer in a bowl of these solutions can do the trick in cleaning off any food debris.

  • Denture cleanser for twenty minutes
  • vinegar for no longer than five minutes
  • Non alcoholic mouthwash for between a half hour and a few hours
  • Warm water and a dollop of castile soap
  • Brushing your retainer with a 1/2 baking soda 1/2 water composite paste

When you are finished with any one of these methods, use cold or warm water and a brush to gently and thoroughly clean your retainers.

Round Two: Disinfection: Now it’s time to sanitize those mouth pieces to ensure a clean, healthy teeth and gums.

  • Bowl one: Dish detergent and water and mix until suds arrive. Brush and scrub the build-up
    rinse under cold or warm water.
  • Bowl two: Isopropyl alcohol, Listerine or an alcohol based mouthwash for twenty minutes, then rinse under cold or warm water.
  • Bowl three: Set in distilled water for ten minutes.

Top rated orthodontist, Dr. Stork and his team in West Des Moines make it clear to never use hot or boiling water in the cleaning process for fear your retainer may lose its shape. As orthodontist in West Des Moines, IA will remind you, this trusty appliance, your retainer, will be with you for quite some time (far longer than your braces were on) helping to keeping your teeth in place. You want to keep them free of any particles which may threaten what they’re protecting, which is, of course, your straight, beautiful smile. If you have questions about your retainer, schedule an appointment with your orthodontist at our West Des Moines, IA orthodontic office.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our orthodontic office in West Des Moines, IA would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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