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Everyone has questions about orthodontic treatment. Here are our most frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question here, feel free to call the office at 515-225-4310 or simply schedule your Stork Smile Assessment, which is completely free! Dr. Stork will be able to address all of your questions in person!

Do I Need a Referral To Visit The Orthodontist?

You do not need a referral to visit our office. Simply call 515-225-4310 or click here!

Do Braces Hurt?

You may experience some tenderness and soreness for a few days; this is generally managed pretty easily with some over-the-counter pain medication.

Do You Have to Give up Certain Foods With Braces?

Different treatment options come with different dietary restrictions. Some of your favorite foods may require some modification to eat, such as slicing up your apples and carrots or taking the corn off the cob to avoid damage do your braces.

Do You Have to Give up Playing Sports or Instruments?

You do not! You will adjust to your braces and play your instrument just as well as before braces! If you play a contact sport, you can wear a special mouth guard that will protect your mouth and your appliance.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Braces can range anywhere from $3000 to $7000, varying from treatment to treatment. Dr. Stork will recommend the braces that is best for you and never recommends treatment you do not need. At Stork Orthodontics, we make sure you know your options. We will help you understand your investment and help find an investment option that fits your budget.

When Should You Bring Your Child To An Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends bringing your child to their first appointment around age seven. Your child won’t likely be getting braces at that age as their mouths are still growing and developing, however, this allows Dr. Stork to monitor growth and recommend preventive treatment that may eliminate the future need for braces or even jaw surgery. Download Dr. Stork’s free report Does Your Child Really Need Braces? 

What Types Of Braces Are There For Adults?

At Stork Orthodontics, we are proud to offer Damon® System braces in metal and ceramic, as well as Invisalign® for adult braces. Schedule your Stork Smile Assessment now to see what type of braces best fits your needs!

How Long Will You Have to Wear Braces?

You could be in braces anywhere from 12-24 months. It is important to know that your mouth is unique, so length of treatment varies from person to person. Stork Orthodontics offers types of braces that can reduce your treatment time by up to 35%!

Will You or Your Child Get Made Fun of?

Braces are very common and many of our younger patients are very excited to be in our West Des Moines orthodontic office and in treatment. Many adolescents view braces as a necessary rite of passage into adulthood.

Many adults find getting braces an exciting process as they are finally taking the time to take care of themselves. You may be a little nervous at first, many of our adult patients are, however, we promise you will love your end result and you will find you will love to show off your sensational smile – in progress or completed!

Will You Have to Wear a Retainer for the Rest of Your Life?

Your teeth will always want to shift and move. Have you ever talked to someone who had braces as a child and also had them as an adult? Odds are this is because they stopped wearing their retainer. While the frequency will vary, it’s a safe bet to assume that for the first few months, you’ll wear it nearly all the time. Then you’ll taper down how often you need to wear it. Dr. Stork will go over all of this information with you when it’s time to get your braces off and your custom retainer made!



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