Brace For A Bright Future

Brace Your Child For A Bright Future

The Parent’s Peace of Mind Guide to Orthodontics

An easy to use reference guide to braces and Invisalign for your child.

Parenting can be hard and they say there is no book on how to do it right. Well, now there is a book on everything orthodontics related a parent needs to confidently choose the right orthodontist and right treatment for your child. Orthodontics can give your child the confidence they need to succeed in school, make new friends, or apply for a job.

This book will give you, the parent, the answers to questions you’ve been asking and the answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask. Life is busy and there are far too many areas of parenting to be an expert in for your child. Use this book to help guide you to the orthodontic experts. Then sit back with peace of mind and watch your child’s confidence grow as you are the hero for choosing the right orthodontist and treatment for your child.

Meet Dr. Stork

Dr. James T. Stork is a speaker, teacher, author, and orthodontic specialist. Before the foundation of Stork Orthodontics, Dr. Stork studied at the prestigious Mayo Clinic for his orthodontics training. The Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota only accepts one applicant each year for the orthodontic program and in 2008 that was Dr. Stork. Since graduation Dr. Stork has returned to the Mayo Clinic to speak and teach current residents on the topics of business and orthodontics.

Dr. Stork always loves to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. He feels every day is a gift from God and strives to be the best steward over everything he has been given. When he is not singing for his patients and creating sensational smiles, Dr. Stork is excited to spend time with his family and friends and try new things! Dr. Stork has been indoor skydiving, rock-climbing and bungee jumping. Dr. Stork loves to read, work out, travel and enjoys exploring Des Moines with his amazing wife, daughter and son.

See What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Stork’s Book

“Over the course of the past several years, our family has confidently and joyfully worked with Dr. Stork and the amazing staff at Stork Orthodontics to straighten out the smiles of our 3 daughters. I can’t even begin to think how many helpful tips and suggestions we received along the way from Dr. Stork. NOW… they are all available in one extremely handy and thorough resource! This book is so reassuring for parents on the journey of orthodontic care. I have no doubt it will help lead thousands of people to the office that will gently and kindly guide them through the process. Once again, Dr. Stork goes above and beyond to give his patients the ultimate care… before, during and after treatments!”

– Skyla M.

“Brace Your Child For A Bright Future answered questions I didn’t know I had for my child’s orthodontic care. The book provided a great plan to help my family prepare, and reach our orthodontic goals. I enjoyed how easy the book was to read and follow. I would recommend this book to all parents who know they need to invest in their child’s orthodontic care and feel unsure where to start. This book took me from overwhelmed to relief, knowing we have Dr. Stork and his team to walk us through this process.”

– Carrie J.

“Dr. Stork’s Number 1 goal is to always do what is absolutely best for the patient so it’s not a surprise he’s released an extremely informative, intelligent book that helps the average person learn about various forms of orthodontic treatment and the issues surrounding them. In easy to understand language, he crafts a book that helps relieve anxiety about orthodontic care and questions, and provides the reader with roadmap through the process. He delves into topics including psychological and emotional health, health insurance, providing exceptional customer service and even a list of foods to avoid while wearing braces. This book informs the reader of answers to common questions as well as more in depth topics and even questions you should ask when you are ready to visit an orthodontist! Dr. Stork has written a truly exceptional book that will prepare the reader for a current or future path through orthodontic care!! Congrats Dr. Stork!”

– Michelle L.

Brace Your Child for a Bright Future is an incredibly informative, easy-to-understand guide for parents as they consider the world of orthodontic care for their children. Dr. Stork writes with honesty and a genuine heart for wanting to help people have a beautiful, confident smile. This book answered all of my questions that only seemed to come to mind when I wasn’t in the right
place to ask them (aka: the office visit!). From expectations to cost, treatment options to timelines, everything is clearly discussed in this easy-to-read book. I appreciate how Dr. Stork lays out a plan for every step of the way with orthodontics from a checklist for the first visit to throwing a celebratory party for the last. Being a teenager needing orthodontic help can be a
stressful, uneasy time, but Dr. Stork’s positive outlook makes braces feel like an exciting right of passage into being an adult ready for success with an empowering smile!”

– Londa C.

Finally – a book to help parents find the right orthodontist and to help guide their children through their years with braces! As a parent of three children, I am always reading and researching how to best meet my children’s needs. I wish that there would have been a guide like this when it came time to make these decisions for my oldest daughter.

Investing in braces for your child is a big decision financially for you and physically and emotionally for them. It should not be taken lightly. Brace Your Child for a Bright Future: The Parent’s Peace of Mind Guide to Orthodontics is not only the most comprehensive and knowledgeable orthodontic guide that I have seen, but it is also fun and easy to read.

You will absolutely become more confident in selecting an orthodontist for your child with this guide. My favorite chapters include “How to know what questions to even ask”, what to expect at your first visit, a fun quiz on what to look for when selecting an orthodontist, and also a lot of information on how to pay for braces. You will absolutely become more confident and
knowledgeable in selecting an orthodontist for your child with this guide!

– Sara W.

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